August 18
Editor : Ray Guff 0411 554566
PRESIDENT : Doug Gannon 0433 291433 VICE PRESIDENT : Les Sciancalepore 0400 200078
SECRETARY : Ray Guff 0411 554566 JUNIOR COORDINATOR : Gerard Dwyer 0411 730851
Greetings all.
Going out with a bang last week were U6 Purple,
U7 Red & U8 Gold who all decided to pile on
double digit scores to celebrate season’s end.
However, it was no stopping the U5 Oranges who
finished the season with 133 goals to just nudge
out U9 Reds by 4 and claim the Golden Boot for
2017. The undefeated U9 Reds though had no
equals in the run for best defensive team with a
miserly 9 goals conceded all year. Congrats to all!
And in more great news, we’ve had 4 of our comp
teams qualify for the grand final tomorrow. For
those not involved, below are the details of venues
and times. Any additional support is always most
Good luck to all & ‘Go Cross’!
U12/4 v St Andrews Eastwood 1 10:00 am
AA18 v Gladesville Ravens Hayes Park 2 11.00 am
O35/6 v Epping Eastwood Hayes Park 1 12.15 pm
O45/4 v W Pennant Hills Morrison 2 11.00 am
Presentation Day
A reminder that Junior Presentation will be
held on Sunday September 17 between 10.00
am & 1.00 pm on the top oval at Holy Cross.
This year we’ve booked not 1, not 2, but 3 giant
inflatables and will be accompanied by the usual
games, lolly throw, free BBQ lunch and, of course
the presentation of trophies to each player. A day
not to be missed! Team Photos will
also be distributed on the day and
a full schedule will be sent out in
the coming weeks.
Boot Exchange
Any players who have out grown their boots can
donate or swap them in the boot exchange
program. Please drop them off at the canteen at
presentation day and we’ll find a good home for
Photo of the Week
U6 Purple and their Half Time team talk.
The Final Word
Well that’s it for another year folks. By any
measure, season 2017 has been one of the most
successful ones for our club in quite a few years,
but I’m also glad of a bit of perspective this week
provided by O45 veteran Rob Ruggerri by way of
a quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi –
“Satisfaction lies in effort, not attainment, full
effort is full victory”. Sport is an amazing conduit
to inclusiveness, development & great
friendships, and while it’s been wonderful to
again be part of that this year, it’s also been most
humbling to witness the dedication &
commitment displayed by some of the teams
who perhaps weren’t as successful on the
scoreboard as they might have liked. You are all
Also, on behalf of all club members, I’d again like
to thank all our fantastic coaches and managers
for the work that they do week in week out to
keep our players on the paddock.
Finally, could everyone please keep email
addresses up to date with either myself or team
managers so that info for next year can be
passed on readily.
Until February, keep safe and keep training!
Match Reports 12
August 2017
U/ 5 Orange Vs Carlingford Redbacks SC
Final match of the season and the boys were
fired up!! The score would have been even
higher but we missed a bunch of goals, with the
boys driving the ball from all over the field and
only just missing the goal each time! Player of
the match went to Braxton Holst! Braxton had a
stellar season and was our highest goal scoring
machine overall! Such a great first season for our
little kindy kids!! And a huge THANK YOU to
Brian Calleija for coaching and mentoring the
boys this season!! The boys learnt a lot about the
game but most importantly learnt how to play as
a team under your mentor-ship! Thanks Brian!
And to all the Mums and Dads and family
members who came to support each game and
provided oranges and the occasional treat for our
little guys! Thank you all!!! See you next season!!
U/ 6 Purple Vs Gladesville Ravens Sports
Season Wrap: Sadly the season has come to an
end for Holy Cross Under 6 Purple. Our team
members of Ivy and Liam Osullivan, Lachlan
Waights, Justin Wong, Molly Balta, Maddie Levy
and Skylar Gangemi will be hanging up their
boots for another season. We must also say
goodbye to our top scorer for the season Lachlan
who has, by the time you read this left the
country with his family to move to the USA.
Here’s hoping that he continues to play with the
same energy and excitement that we all got to
see week in week out. Lachlan finished on top of
the team scoring charts on 33 Goals, a mere 1
goal ahead of our pocket dynamo Ivy Osullivan
on 32. The team as a whole scored 106 goals
and only conceded 16, losing only the 1 game all
season by a goal. It was the second last game of
the season that this author and anyone else who
was there or wanted to hear about it (who I
constantly reminded at our home ground last
round) was only a loss because of an incorrectly
disallowed equalising goal in the last minute of
the game. BUT I will take the off-season to get
over it (as I'm sure the parents will or ignore me)
and make sure that we as a team come back
even stronger next season. Thanks go to Liam
Gye our Coach for stepping up and leading the
team on training days and of course refereeing
the games on game day, your contribution has
been very valuable. Another load of thanks go to
the parents who turned up week in week out who
supported the team through the season, your
encouraging voices from the sidelines were very
much appreciated. For me, what I can take away
from this season as a whole is that each and
every one of our players has improved so much,
and it’s been wonderful experience to see their
enthusiasm and enjoyment when playing the
beautiful game come out more and more before
during and after every game. I'm very proud of
each and every one of you and I look forward to
seeing you all again next season.
U/ 6 Red Vs All Saints Hunters Hill SC d
U/ 7 Red Vs Ararat Soccer Club
U/ 7 Red b Vs Macquarie Dragons
U/ 8 Black Vs West Ryde Rovers SC
U/ 8 Gold Vs Macquarie Dragons
Holy Cross under 8 Gold saved their best game
of the season for last. They showed everything
they learned throughout the year and dominated
with pure brilliance. The Holy Cross boys were
relentless in attack with Kobe opening the
scoring with a lovely tap in showing lovely ball
control and patience as he has all year, then
Lochie scored the first of his 4 goals through
sheer determination and eagerness to score, the
effort Lochie puts in every game shows on the
scorecard and it should be applauded. Ethan
was next to score proving once again he's one of
the most skilful in the team toying with his
opponents and unselfishly passing to his
teammates all game and later another goal
bagging himself a double. Goals are one thing
but games aren't won from goals alone, the
under 8 Gold team also has some great
defenders in Ryan and Ricky, Ryan has a
massive kick that would clear the ball from his
half if ever required and Ricky's speed made him
capable of catching the dragons to steal the ball
and bring it back in lovely fashion to pass to his
strikers. Jay threw himself into the game literally
picking himself up off the ground scoring a
double for the first time all season making his
dad so proud who happen to be filming the whole
time. Liam's tricky ball skills came in handy as he
landed himself a goal. Aron has to be the most
improved player this season finding himself in
the right position at the right time unfortunately
just missing a goal that got caught by the goalie.
The boys saved the best goal for last with a
lovely pass from Ethan to Lochie then to Lucas
who positioned himself perfectly to slot the ball
in, Lucas may be new to the team but he fits in
just as perfectly as he positions himself in the
U/ 8 Orange b Vs North Ryde Soccer Club
The final game of the year for holy cross U8 was
against North Ryde. They are the best team that
they have played against all year and Holy Cross
had to bring their 'A' game if they were to
compete. And that's exactly what they did. It was
an absolute cracking game in quality, speed and
sportsmanship. If I was on the committee of
North Ryde RSL I would have charged the crowd
$50 a ticket for the display that was put in by
both teams. North Ryde started very strongly,
passing the ball around very astutely, and
threatening our goal for the first 10 minutes. Our
defenders, lead by Josh W, Finn and Eric were
holding firm, and Justin was also doing a great
job in goals. The pressure was immense, and a
rocket shot from the North Ryde no.9 was just
too good. Justin did an amazing job to even get a
hand on it. But the boys started to find their
groove. Josh C, Vinnie and Adam were
tenacious and winning the ball back for Holy
Cross, and wave after wave of attacks from Holy
Cross surely meant a goal was imminent. James
had a speculating shot from the sideline
unfortunately hit the far post and ricochet out,
and Jacob missed on a counter attack by an
inch. An equaliser did happen, and what a
cracking goal it was. Cooper took a fantastic
corner that found Finn at the top of the box, and
his first time pass found Jacob at the far post,
and Jacob slammed the ball in to the back of net.
Barcelona would have been envious of that play!
Even at oranges and the crowd just witnessed
one of the finest halves of an U8 game to have
ever occurred. The second half was just as
gripping. It was end to end football. North Ryde
scored a neat goal to lead, but Holy Cross
thought they had equalised when Finn long
range missile just about hit the back of the net,
only for the ref to say it didn't go over the line.
That didn't deter the boys however, they just kept
trying their hardest to get that equalise. Josh W's
effort at centre mid was reminiscent of the
energiser bunny. He just did not stop. Last
minute scrambling defence from North Ryde
prevented Jacob, James, Cooper and Justin
from scoring. and Josh c, Vinnie and Eric's
triangle passing deservered a goal but the final
shot just shaved the near post. Whilst a draw
would have been a deserving result , it was not
to be today. Despite losing on the scoreboard,
the boys saved their best performance for their
last game of 2017. Coach Whitty could not have
been prouder of every single boy in what was a
brilliant game to watch. Adam was POTM for a
great first half on the field, and an even better
second half in goals. The boys have had a very
successful year, winning all but a few games.
More importantly, they have played great
football, put in a lot of effort, showed great
sportsmanship and improved significantly in
2017. Bring on 2018!
U/ 9 Green Vs North Epping Rangers SC
U/ 9 Red Vs All Saints Hunters Hill SC
U/ 10 Gold Vs Redfield Lions FC
It was an early start at Dural for our last game of
the season and the boys definitely made the trip
worthwhile. In a great display of camaraderie and
determination, the boys shocked Redfield Lions
with a convincing victory after a draw against
them earlier in the season. As a coach I couldn't
have asked for a better bunch of kids who
continued to impress me, their parents but
mostly their opponents. It's
a shame that we don't get to
play finals in this age group
as the boys really
developed as a team and
proved that they well and
truly deserved their spot in
the top division, only losing
3 out of their 15 games
played. Congratulations on
a fantastic season, coach
U/ 10 Purple Vs North Epping Rangers SC
U/ 10 White Vs Roselea Soccer Club
U/ 11 White Vs Epping Eastwood FC
UNDER 12 / 4 1-3 Vs Eastwood St Andrews SC
UNDER 13 / 4 1-2 Vs Epping FC
UNDER 14 / 3 2-3 Vs Macquarie Dragons
All Age 6 1-4 Vs West Pennant Hills
All Age 18 3-4 Vs Epping Eastwood FC
OVER 35 / 6 0-3 Vs Epping Eastwood FC
It’s Grand Final week and we are now one game
away from making history. This week served its
purpose although going down 3-0 to next week’s
Grand Finalists. Three soft goals and nothing to
worry about. We have seen their game plan and
the best of ours is still to come with Albie, James
and Emilio back next week. Controlling the
middle will be the key, which we do so well. Man
of the match this week goes to Simon who
delivered some pure striking throughout the
game and as always 110% effort. I’ve got a good
feeling that the best of Simons striking is still to
come – look out GF! Special mention this week
goes to Craig who does a fantastic job as right
back. Always cool under pressure and some
fancy footwork to get the ball moving forward. It
was great watching Cam fly around the front,
always strong on the ball and showed some
great touches to take control. No change to
golden boot for this week so looks like it will
come down to the GF as the decider in more
ways than one. With James and Robbie battling
for the title everyone is a winner! Let’s keep
talking this week and make sure we have a clear
game plan for Saturday. We do more than just
play soccer; we will beat them with strategy and
skill. Lets learn from this week and deliver a
Grand Final to remember! On a final note a big
thank you to all the lads who put on the BBQ and
to Tony for his cured meat selection. Here’s
wishing the O45’s the best of luck for their GF.
Let’s hope Cross can bring home a double,
which would be the perfect finish to a fantastic
OVER 45 / 4 0-1 Vs Roselea Soccer Club